Spring 2021

Spring at Castle Farm is always a busy time of year. As a mixed farm, it’s time for us to crack on with planting our crops and preparing the farm for the arrival of our new calves.

Dave’s first calves are born!

Last year, we bought our first Aberdeen Angus bull. Dave has been pretty busy since then! This spring, we finally got to welcome his very first calves.

Potato Planting

The best time to plant potatoes is early Spring, just after the last winter frosts. This year, Harry took some great on-the-job pictures of us planting our usual varieties: Laura, Saphire and Manhattan. Follow us on Facebook for details of when potatoes will be available to buy from our farm gate.

Enjoying Spring

During a walk to survey our farm, we took some pictures of all our different fields. We’re so lucky to have a farm surrounding the base of Ham Hill. Below you can see our freshly planted potato crops and our orchards just starting to bud.

Further up on Ham Hill, are our grazing pastures that will soon be filled with our cows munching on fresh spring grass. What a gorgeous view they’ll have!

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