Autumn 2020

Bringing in the Potatoes

The start of Autumn means one thing at Castle Farm – Potatoes.

Our potatoes are grown for around 5 months until they are ready for harvesting. This can start as early as April and finish around the end of September. 

To see if the potatoes crops are ready, we’ll dig up a test sample for measuring and weighing. Once fully-sized, all we need is good weather and plenty of hands to help bring in the harvest!

Fortunately, the weather was extremely kind in 2020 and allowed us to harvest over 2,000 tonnes of Potatoes in less than three weeks! That’s roughly 1 blue whale’s worth of potatoes harvested every single day.

This year, we had the Harvest Eye technology fitted to our Potato Grader – this counts and measures every single Potato that we harvest. We used this data to assist with sales planning by Tesco, as well as gaining a better understanding of our crop. Our record for a single day in September was 650,000 potatoes harvested.

We were also lucky enough to host Mark Crossland of Juicy Agriculture, who shot this fantastic drone footage of our harvest.

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