Bees flying at Castle Farm - stoke sub hamdon

Sustainable Farming

Sustainability, simply put, means using natural resources in a way that we can keep doing for a long time. At Castle Farm, we use Integrated Farm Management (IFM) to help us realise a more sustainable farm and protect our local environment. We’ve even earned the LEAF Marque to prove it!  IFM joins tried and tested farming with modern technology to ensure agriculture stays sustainable well into the future.

Farmed With Care

Castle Farm is part of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme that guarantees animal welfare, environmental protection, food safety and full traceability. We are proud of the Red Tractor logo on all our products, as it’s only found on quality British produce that’s safe for you and good for Britain.

red tractor assurance scheme - Castle Farm

Castle Farm - Red Tractor Assurance Scheme




Delicious, hearty potatoes for sale at our farm gate for local collection. We grow many kinds of potatoes, including Manhattan, Sensation, Saphire and our Tesco Finest Variety, a Red Potato called Laura!

Visit Facebook to see what’s for sale locally.

Castle farm cider for sale


Castle Farm has over 90 acres of Apple Orchards around Stoke Sub Hamdon. We’re now selling our very own Castle Farm Cider, with apples picked from our Dabinett variety Orchards in West Stoke. The result is a scrumptious medium flavour – Proper job!

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Beef Cattle at Castle Farm


 Our herd currently has 150 cows, all cared for to the highest standards. We have a mix of continental breeds, like Charolais, Belgian Blue and Limousin, plus one Aberdeen Angus Bull.  In warmer months, you’ll find our cattle roaming the ancient ramparts of Ham Hill.

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View of Castle Farm from garden

Castle Farmhouse

Castle Farm is a listed building dating back to at least the 19th century. The current tenants are the Hebditch family, who can trace their history in Stoke Sub Hamdon back to 1800s! Rob and Karen Hebditch are the 6th generation to have lived and worked on the farm.