Our farm is a conventional, mixed farm with an emphasis on producing delicious food in a sustainable way with care for our environment.

Our main enterprises


Cider Apples



Rob Hebditch - Castle Farm

Farm News

There is always something happening on the farm, from looking after the cattle through the winter, to planting potatoes in the spring, to Harvest through summer and autumn.

Farm News
Castle Farm by Ham Hill in Stoke Sub Hamdon

Our Community

Castle Farm was central to village life in Stoke Sub Hamdon for many years and although this isn’t the case in modern times, we still like to do everything we can to support and be involved with the village. Our aim is to have a farm that everyone in the village can enjoy as much as we do.


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We’re happy to have visitors to our farm! We also sell a couple of farm-fresh products from our gate, like our Cider or sacks of quality potatoes. Get in contact to find out more or arrange to visit Castle Farm.


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